Operacion Nemesis

Nuestra 11 campaña protegiendo ballenas del Artico

Operacion Nemesis
Accion directa en el santuario de ballenas del Oceano Austral

En 2016-2017 Sea Hepherd Global regreso al Oceano Austral con el Steve Irwin y el Ocean Warrior para la campaña Antartica de defensa de ballenas numero 11 desde 2002, con el objetivo de evitar que la fota japonesa de furtivos siga cazando ballenas en un santuario reonocido de manera internacional.

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Another battle is over in the war to save the whales

"The Japanese outlaw whaling fleet released their kill numbers today. They had a quota to slaughter 333 minke whales and they are saying they have been able to secure that quota, proclaiming it a victory against Sea Shepherd as if defeating Sea Shepherd is their justification for the killing of whales. They can believe their own propaganda if they like but it was hardly a victory for the whalers." Commentary by Captain Paul Watson

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Campaign History
Defending whales in the Southern Ocean since 2002

Despite a global moratorium on commercial whaling since 1986, Japan has been killing whales in the Southern Ocean in the name of “scientific research” since 1987. Over 5000 whales have been saved from the deadly harpoon since Sea Shepherd embarqued on the first Whale Defense Campaign in 2002. 

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Operation Nemesis
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